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Spring CD Specials


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Terms of the Certificate of Deposit Specials

  • Certificate of deposit (CD) offers expire May 1st, 2017.
  • There may be penalties for early withdrawal from CDs.
  • CDs compound semi-annually.
  • You have the opportunity at anytime to make a one-time additional deposit to your 17 month or 36 month CD.
  • You also have a one-time option on the 36 month CD to request that we adjust your rate to the current IFSB CD rate for the remainder of the term of your CD.
  • The maturity date remains the same as determined when the CD was open.
  • CD specials will automatically renew at 12 month term and rate once matured.
  • APY= Annual Percentage Yield.
  • Fees could reduce earnings.
  • Withdrawal limitations apply.
  • FDIC = Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.






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