Personal Loans

Auto Loans

We have fixed low-rate loans for new and used automobiles. We can prequalify you before you start looking.

Home Equity Loans

Planning to remodel, renovate or landscape your home? Consider a home equity loan.  We have options available for your needs. This revolving line of credit offers convenient access to funds with the flexibility to make purchases.

Real Estate Loans

A Mortgage as Comfortable as Your Home

Mortgages are one more way Iowa Falls State Bank keeps it local and user-friendly for you.

Our hometown approval process means your needs are what matter and that we’re here for you.  Our rates are competitive and our closing fees are low. You’ll know your pricing up front.  Plus we keep the loan servicing right here.  From appraisal to final payment, you can count on local knowledge from people you know and trust.

At Iowa Falls State Bank, we understand that buying or refinancing a home is one of the biggest financial decisions you will make.  We are here to simplify the process for you with our Welcome Home Mortgage.

Please contact one of our experienced banking officers to assist you in matching a loan program to your specific loan need.

All loan products are subject to credit approval.

A homebuyer’s guide of documents to bring when applying for a loan.

Refinance Your Home

Refinancing your home means paying off your existing mortgage and replacing it with another mortgage.  Some reasons you may choose to refinance are to lower your current payment, change the terms of your loan, lower your interest rate, or to borrow against the equity in your home to get cash out.

Refinance options:

If your mortgage is with Iowa Falls State Bank or another lender, our refinancing options may enable you to lower your current interest rate, change the term of your loan and possibly include mortgage closing costs in your new loan.

Cash-Out Refinance ~ Allows borrowers to access the equity in their homes and get cash at closing.  The existing home mortgage and any liens on the property are paid off and replaced with a refinanced mortgage.

Debt Consolidation ~ Cash-out mortgage refinances are used to pay off debt such as installment loans, auto loans, and student loans, or to consolidate debt into fewer monthly payments.  A cash-out refinance may require outstanding debt be paid off as part of the transaction.

Home Remodeling, Home Improvements and Other Expenses ~ Cash-out refinances are also often used to fund home remodeling and home improvements or other expenses.

Iowa Falls State Bank offers two types of cash-out refinance loans ~ Conventional Fixed or Adjustable Rate

Septic System Loan

Iowa Falls State Bank offers an Onsite Wastewater System Assistance Program (OSWAP) assistance loan for eligible individuals or entities.

Click here to learn more.

Student Loans

Iowa Falls State Bank partners with Iowa Student Loan to offer supplemental private student loans to help pay for college.*  Iowa Student Loan was established in 1979 as a private, nonprofit corporation, and its mission is to help students and families obtain the resources necessary to succeed in post-secondary education.

The Partnership Advance Education Loan (Partnership Loan):

  • Provides terms and conditions upfront, so you know what you’re getting before you apply.
  • Features variable and fixed interest rates.
  • Lets you begin making principal and interest payments, make interest-only payments or defer payments while you attend school.
  • Offers benefits such as an interest rate reduction and cosigner release.

Apply Online or Learn More

*Iowa Falls State Bank is compensated by Iowa Student Loan for the referral of Partnership Loan customers.

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