COVID-19 Loan Deferral Request

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COVID-19 Loan Deferral Request
Iowa Falls State Bank understands that our customers, communities and economy we serve have been impacted by the effects of the COVID-19 virus. We are offering 3 months of payment deferrals on consumer installment loans (ie: vehicle or personal) for customers who need temporary relief from monthly payments until the economic effects of the COVID-19 virus stabilize. This program does not apply to real estate mortgages or business/ag loans.

Answer a few simple questions below, and you will receive an email contact from our loan department to complete the deferral process. All fees for deferring your payments will be waived and this will not affect your credit score.

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Your Full Name:

Your Email Address:

Co-Borrower Email Address: if applicable

Describe Loan ie: car loan for 2017 Ford Escape

Brief Description of COVID-19 Related Hardship (ie: layoff, child care, hours cut, health) Optional – This data will be used for our tracking purposes only to determine future ways to help customers.

You are able to make payments during the deferral period without affecting the deferral.  Please contact the bank to make that unscheduled payment. 


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