Barlow Family Foundation PayPal Donation Page

Thank you for your donation, along with the matching funds from the Barlow Family Foundation, we are excited to see all these groups Dream Big!

Please specify the cause you would like to donate to:

  • Edgewood – Enduring Edgewood Endeavors, building improvements
  • Ellsworth College Foundation – Create a museum to honor the college’s history.
  • Iowa Falls-Alden High School’s Cadet Kitchen – to purchase a food truck.
  • Iowa Falls-Alden High School’s eSports program – Program expansion
  • Iowa Falls-Alden High School’s vocal music program – concert risers and sound shells.
  • Union Cemetery Ladies Social Gathering – Foundation and monument repair work.



  • Donors must be individuals, not groups
  • Donations must be “new money”, not dues or pledges
  • Minimum donation is $25; Maximum donation is $100 per person, to qualify for matching funds.
  • No donations will be matched after closing date of October 26, 2021